How to Send Passwords Safely and Easily

Email Is No Spring Chicken

Email might seem like a modern communication tool, but it’s nearly 50 years old. There are good reasons why financial and medical institutions won’t send confidential information via email. It isn’t reliably secure or encrypted in most cases, and the information sent through it can be intercepted in too many ways. There are plenty of tools available that add layers of security to email, but the average person who needs to quickly send a password won’t bother to use them.

Using Is Simple And More Secure

Enter It’s about as simple as it gets. You enter your data into a note, it gets encrypted, you send a link to it through email, your recipient clicks the link to view the note, and after one viewing the data is destroyed. If your recipient is able to view the note, you know it hasn’t been seen by anyone else.

See It In Action

Super easy! No more excuses for sending passwords in plain text in an email. There are certainly more secure methods out there, but this is something even your most technically challenged clients can do, and it’s vastly better than email alone.