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In the coding world, a “shim” is a piece of code that helps two completely separate programs or sites talk to each other. A shim creates synergy between otherwise isolated things. This is our forte: We help create synergy between efficient code and beautiful design. We help developers and designers communicate. And we help customers achieve both functionality and artistry.

Codeshimmer exists to make your corner of the web a more useful and beautiful space.

We help:

  • Creative agencies craft awesome websites for their clients (and themselves!)
  • Savvy businesses develop great-looking online stores customized to their needs
  • Nonprofits expand their online presence to better reach their supporters.

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with all sorts of great folks, from individuals, to businesses, to organizations, to startups.

What They're Saying

Tristan is quick, responsive and gets the job done! He has a vast knowledge of Wordpress and we will be working more together in the future.

Autumn N

Not only did our website look like a million bucks, but also when we consulted with a friend who specialized in website optimization, he told me it was one of the most optimized websites he had ever seen!

Travis H

Tristan’s work is first rate in every respect. He is full of creative ideas and solutions. The high quality of his work is matched by his enthusiasm and work ethic. He is a joy to work with.

Tom W
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