Website Speed Optimization for SEO and UX

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(a.k.a. “Make My Website Faster!”)

Website speed, performance, and security matter now more than ever. We’ve all heard statistics like these: “53% of mobile visitors will leave if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load!” and “For every additional 1 second your site takes to load, your conversion rate drops by X%!” The numbers vary, but the problem is real—slow websites frustrate users and decrease buyer confidence. Loading speed also affects your site’s search engine ranking. In other words, if your site is slow or insecure, your site could appear further down in Google’s search results, and fewer potential customers will click through to your website.

Let’s Speed It Up

While it’s certainly easier to build a fast site from scratch, it’s not always necessary to make major changes to existing websites. Most sites’ performance can improve tremendously with some simple fixes. We run a battery of performance tests that help us identify and eliminate the specific bottlenecks.

Faster Hosting

Fast web hosting is the foundation of your site’s performance. We’ve spent years experimenting with many different web hosts, and our hosting packages are built on our favorites. Is your hosting slow? Get in touch and we can recommend a customized solution for your needs.

Caching and Optimization

Even on fast hosting, a bloated site will perform poorly, especially on mobile devices. The good news is that there are tools available to help optimize your website. Caching, image compression, lazy-loading, and other performance tweaks can combine to make a massive improvement in a site’s loading speed and user experience.

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Real-World Results

Here are some before-and-after performance tests of some sites we’ve optimized. These sites already had performance/caching plugins installed! Automated plugins alone often do not solve performance problems, although they can help. In these cases, we used a combination of faster hosting, manual fixes/changes, and caching.

@Home Audio Video

Before: test results Grade F 12%
After: test results Grade A 97%


Before: test results Grade E 53%
After: test results Grade A - 96%