E-commerce Website Maintenance Package

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Outdated software is one of the most common reasons that e-commerce websites break or get hacked. This risks losing business income during the time the site is down, could result in loss of data, and can be a major blow to customer confidence in your brand. Having a regular maintenance plan in place helps improve your website’s security and stability by making sure your core, theme, and plugin files are regularly updated. It also allows me to get familiar with your website in advance so that if a problem does occur, we are prepared and can address it quickly.

E-commerce support plan features list

  • Weekly offsite backups (includes plugins, themes, media library files, and database), with an option for daily or hourly backups at additional cost
  • Monthly (or more frequent) core, theme, and plugin updates with testing afterward so we know right away if anything breaks during updates
  • Attention paid to security bulletins from CISA US-CERT, Wordpress, and plugin developers so that we know quickly when there is a critical vulnerability
  • ASAP patch updates to core, plugin, or themes when a critical vulnerability is discovered
  • Checking that premium e-commerce extension/app licenses stay current so that these also receive updates
  • Automatic minor version updates to Wordpress core—these are usually security fixes and other backward-compatible changes that can be installed automatically
  • Annual site review of best practices, hosting PHP version, security, and functionality
  • Recommendations for best practices, security, and SEO improvements
  • Priority support response times


  • Recovery from update errors: problems during updates are rare, but they do sometimes occur. Repair for any errors that occur would be quoted separately or performed at my normal hourly rate.
  • Security: even with regular updates and security reviews, it is not possible to guarantee security or predict every way a hacker might gain entrance. Your site will be hardened against common attacks and malware. If help with recovery from intrusion/malware is ever needed, that would be quoted separately or performed at my hourly rate.

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